Energy Management

Do entities need Energy Management?

Incorporating renewable energy sources or systems has environmental advantages, but managing them helps the entities to know what, how, where and when of it, and augment their operations.

And when it comes to energy management, here’s what we offer:

Energy Optimization
Energy Data Management
Product Sourcing
After sale service and Solar System Maintenance
Green Building Permit


Energy Audit

An Energy Audit or Review is an investigation of all facets of an organization’s historical and current energy use with the objective of identifying and quantifying areas of energy wastage within the organization’s activities. It is best carried out by an Accredited EnergyMasters Auditors that ensures compliance with the international standard for energy management systems (ISO 50001). An Energy Audit establishes the baseline for any improvements in an organization’s energy performance including energy efficiency, use, and consumption. It provides a comprehensive and systematic method for targeting cost-effective efficiency gains. There are many examples where clients have been able to make savings without requiring any significant capital investment.


Desalination & Water Treatment Units

We provide our clients with most effective desalination plants. Whether for a small farm to irrigate the land or to provide remote communities with drinking water.Javlin is always ready.

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