Hydro Powered Solutions

Hydro Powered Solutions

Why hydro?

Fueled by water, it is another reliable source of energy. It will not pollute the air like fossil fuels that are not only rapidly depleting but also contaminating the environment.

Our solutions are convenient to establishments ranging from humble houses to turbines powering communities of myriad sizes.

Residential Power Stations

These power stations are positioned in locations with little reservoir capacity, so that only the water coming from upstream is available for generation at that moment, and any oversupply must pass unused.

Mobile Turbines

The mobile turbines are small hydro power plants designed to use river currents to generate electricity. They are designed to be cost effective, low maintenance, highly modular, and to provide continuous power.

Commercial Hydro Plants

As a primary source of hydropower today, the plants can include a reservoir to exploit the energy of falling water or it can use the kinetic energy of water as in run-of-the-river hydroelectricity. Hydroelectric plants can vary in size from small community sized plants to very large plants supplying power to a whole country.

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