Desalination & Water Treatment Solutions

Desalination & Water Treatment Solutions

Why Desalination?

It’s a technique where the excess salts are removed from brackish or sea water, converting it into safe, usable water.

Fresh water vs saline water

There are not many uses of saline water. But freshwater? That has many uses.
Through desalination water can be provided to arid areas that do not have freshwater resources in the form of surface water such as rivers and lakes.

When it comes to reliable systems for desalination units, Javlin New Energy is where your search ends.

Fully Off-grid Solar Powered Desalination Units

Using this solar system water with a low salt concentration is produced from seawater. The technique from this system is set in motion by using the direct heat from the sun and electricity generated by solar cells to power a membrane process.

Drinking Water Treatment

The water treatment solution offers a water purification system that makes biologically contaminated water safe to drink. Solar disinfection uses an electric current to deliver electrolytic processes which disinfect water. Entities and government establishments engaging in providing clean drinking water to areas what are devoid of pure water can unreservedly opt this solution.

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